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AMNews: Yahoo And Alibaba Negotiations, Mozilla Ousts Firefox 3.5, UK Digital Rights Exchange

Yahoo and the Alibaba Group are engaged in ‘productive negotiations’ over the spinning off online payments company Alipay. Yahoo, who owns 43 percent of the China based Alibaba Group, earlier said that the company had decided to spun-off its online payments company to another company without the knowledge of the board members and the shareholders.

Mozilla plans to force the 12 million Firefox 3.5 users to upgrade to Firefox 4 but automatically updating their web browsers. The company has long tried to convince users to abandon the aging web browser for the newer version, offering them notifications about upgrading to the latest version of the web browser. The company plans to implement the strategy in June, when it releases Firefox 5.

Researchers over at HP Labs have inched closer to finding the inner workings of the Memristors, which is touted as a future replacement of Flash drives. Like the Neurons in the brain, the Memristors ‘remember’ the amount of electric current has passed through the electronic device.

Taiwan Semiconductor has announced that its plans to catch up with rival Intel's Tri-gate transistor technology will not happen until 14nm fabrication technology becomes mainstream according to thinq_.

Leaked changes to UK’s copyright laws indicate that the government is planning to set up a digital rights exchange, allowing media companies to easily license content from rights holders. According to a report on The Financial Times, a review of UK’s intellectual property is being conducted by Professor Ian Hargreaves after the PM called for a revamp of the country’s copyright law.