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Apple Plans Secret Product Launch For Its Ten Year Anniversary In Retail

Apple is reportedly gearing up for a secret product launch for its 10th retail anniversary, coming up this Thursday.

An Apple source has confirmed that the company is planning ‘something big’ to mark the 10th anniversary, BGR reports.

Apple is known for playing its card close, and this case is no different. Around 10-15 employees in every Apple Store have been asked to work overnight on Saturday till Sunday afternoon. Employees in the overnight shift will be asked to lock their cell phones in the main office and sign a non-disclosure agreement with Apple regarding the celebration plans.

People participating in the overnight shift include audio/visual staff, business team managers and Genius team members. Also, Apple stores have already received the hardware that the company is going to launch. The employees are instructed not to open the packages until the stores close on Saturday night.

Going a step further to ensure privacy, Apple has also asked employees to set-up black curtains on the store windows so that people walking past are not able to see what is going on inside the Apple store.

Regardless of what product is launched, no doubt the hype will be a big draw for Apple's Anniversary, which is probably the point of the exercise.