Battle of the Displays: Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4

A smartphone's display is one of the main considerations for consumers, so manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with improvements to get a step ahead. iPhone 4 and Galaxy S 2 are two of the devices currently competing harshly against each other; here is a quick comparison of their displays.


When comparing iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S 2 on size, it becomes obvious that Apple’s device falls short - with a mere 3.5-inch screen. Apple had better address this issue and offer a bigger screen with its next device. The Galaxy S 2 meanwhile, offers a huge 4.3-inch display.


Galaxy S 2 creates an amazing colour contrast, offering vibrant colours and deep black shades due to the Super AMOLED Plus screen. The secret behind this technology is that it only lightens a certain screen section. On the other hand the iPhone 4 incorporates one of the best IPS screens - but it cannot match the AMOLED experience.


This is where the iPhone 4 scores better thanks to the retina display. Apple’s device offers 50% more ppi than the Galaxy S2. Despite the PenTile matrix switch, Galaxy S 2 is still unable to match the sharpness of iPhone 4.

All in all, the Galaxy S 2 has an amazing screen size and an astonishing Super AMOLED Plus screen, but iPhone 4 just about manages to even the scales with its Retina Display.