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Blogger Claims Nokia To Sell Mobile Phone Business To Microsoft

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has denied being in talks with Microsoft to sell its mobile phone business.

Rumours lit up the web when notable Russian blogger and Nokia tracker Eldar Murtazin noted on his blog that after Skype, Nokia was on Microsoft’s buy list. The software giant acquired Skype for a whooping $8 billion.

Nokia and Microsoft recently forged a Windows Phone 7 deal which will see Nokia churning out Smartphones based on Microsoft mobile operating system. Nokia dumped Symbian for the deal, which would generate billions of dollars for it.

Now, Murtazin, who has shown uncanny insight into Nokia’s plans in the past, seems to suggest that the company would sell its entire mobile phone business to the Windows maker.

Nokia might be lagging behind the Smartphone market, but the company remains the largest cell phone maker in the world. The company is preparing a massive update for Symbian and is also working to launch the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device as soon as possible.

According to T3, Nokia UK PR Mark Squires has attacked Murtazin for making farfetched claims.

“We typically don't comment on rumors. But we have to say that Eldar's rumours are getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment,” he tweeted.