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Could iPad 2 Jailbreak Tool Be Released In Weeks?

According to a report on CultOfMac, hacker p0sixninja has suggested that the iPad2 jailbreak could be released in the next few weeks, although no exact date has been given. The hacker added that the jailbreaking tool would be compatible with iOS 4.3 and above.

Recently there have been reports that the much awaited iPad 2 jailbreak might be made available at a price. This rumour suggesting that the jailbreak might not come free of charge has been refuted by p0sixninja, who made the following statement on Twitter: "jailbreaks will never cost money, I promise you that."

iPad 2 is the only iDevice currently impossible to jailbreak because Apple has mended the security flaws that have made jailbreaking possible for all the other devices. Despite the fact that hackers did initially managed to jailbreak the iPad 2, no jailbreaking tool has been made available to the masses.

It is still uncertain whether hackers will release their iPad 2 jailbreak tool before iPhone 5 is launched or if it will arrive after Apple has launched their fifth generation device. It will be interesting to see Apple’s next move should hackers find a way to make the iPad 2 jailbreak available, particularly regarding the iOS 5, most likely the iPhone 5 jailbreak will be even harder to crack.