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Edge To Edge iPhone 5 Rumour Is Tail Wagging The Dog Syndrome

The world is now convinced that Apple will be shipping the iPhone 5 with a bigger, edge to edge screen after what appears to be a crystal case for the handset appeared on

Although, it might actually be legitimate, the fact that there's only one manufacturer that is offering the case compared to nearly 600 for the iPhone 4, leaves us to believe that it could be a clever attempt to get some free marketing and press exposure; in other words, a straight forward example of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Rumours of a bigger screen on the iPhone 5 emerged in February when a digitizer was unearthed pointing to a four-inch iPhone 5. Adding a bigger screen to the iPhone 5 while keeping the same enclosure we found out, would be near impossible because, as it stands, Apple has no margin to do so.

There's also another reason why Apple is unlikely to go for a bigger screen; the fact that increasing the screen size means changing the resolution in order to stick to the Retina Display moniker which currently stands at 326ppi.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that the back of the case shows two openings rather than one; one for the flash and one for the camera itself. Could that be Apple's way of solving the "white casing" issue once and for all?