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Facebook 'Dislike' button scam spreads

Facebook users are being warned to avoid a scam which offers to add a 'Dislike' button to the Social Networking site's fake friend-finding tools.

Playing on the schoolyard convention that, in order to be nice to one person, balance dictates that you have to horrid to another, scammers are enticing Facebookers with a foil to the ubiquitous 'Like' button in the form the 'Dislike' button.

Official-looking offers to install the function have been appearing on the personal walls of an increasing number of users according to insecurity outfit Sophos, which reckons attempting to install the fake feature not only spreads the wall post to your entire contact list, but also runs obfuscated JavaScript on the host computer.

Sophos gets all cryptic when it comes to exactly what that JavaScript does saying "The potential for malice should be obvious," so we'll have to assume that it either does something unpleasant which the company has yet to unearth, or it does nothing at all.

Either way, it will be a matter of moments before more malicious hackers turn the exploit into something more damaging.

Facebook users have been asking for a 'Dislike' button for some time now and the scammers involved are quite obviously taking advantage of that unfulfilled demand.

Facebook has come under constant fire for its slovenly attitude to the protection of it's 500 million users' personal data.

Our advice is, if you don't want your personal information to be spread all over the Internet, don't sign up to any service whose core business is to spread your personal information all over the Internet.