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Hargreaves Review To Tackle Licensing, Copyrights And Personal Use Issues

The upcoming Hargreaves Review, which is expected by many to address the status of the intellectual property system in the UK, is likely to recommend the creation of a digital clearing house, new reports revealed.

As suggested by these reports, the digital clearing house will enable the sharing of content owned by a particular company with another in a far more efficient and legal way.

As reported in the Financial Times, the Hargreaves Review intends to propose a single procedure for sharing and licensing copyrighted contents among firms, which would make digital licensing far less complicated than it is today.

"Copyright licensing, and in particular the difficulties of rights clearances across EU member states, is likely to be something which is given a further nudge," Mark Owen, an intellectual property law expert at Harbottle & Lewis, reportedly told V3.

"In reality the review may not be able to suggest more than is already being done by the rights owners themselves and by the EU which has been focusing on this," he added.

Owen also stated that he hopes to see the review address the issue of digital formatting that allows for personal use, such as creating digital backups of legally purchased CDs without violating copyright law.