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HP Sticks With USB 3.0, Still Mulling Over Thunderbolt

Hewlett-Packard is going to stick with the USB 3.0 technology, instead of Intel’s Thunderbolt interconnect in their new range of Desktop PCs, revealed the company.

According to the official who revealed this information, the company also pondered upon including the Thunderbolt technology, but in the end, decided to stick to USB 3.0 because it provides a wider support.

"We did look at [Thunderbolt]. We're still looking into it. Haven't found a value proposition yet," Xavier Lauwaert, worldwide marketing manager for desktops at HP said in a statement as reported by PCWorld.

Thunderbolt is a new generation technology from Intel that allows high speed interconnectivity (up to 10Gbps) between host computers and any compatible external devices, such as USB mass storage devices, and even display units.

In spite of being highly efficient, the Thunderbolt is yet to be embraced by the vendors. Primarily because devices such as monitors and external storage drives that are compatible with this new new age technology, are not available yet.

However, USB 3.0, also known as superfast USB is also comparatively much faster than its predecessor USB 2.0 by almost 10 times.

Though USB 3.0 cannot compete with the Thunderbolt in terms of speed, one key advantage it enjoys over the later is that it is compatible with USB 2.0 devices as well.