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Intel Eyes Foundry Business, Apple May Give Head Start

Chip maker Intel is planning to carve a niche for itself in the foundry business and is looking towards Apple to give it the boost it requires.

According to Nasdaq, the company is battling with Samsung and TSMC to get a contract from Apple to manufacture some of its chips.

Intel already offers the Thunderbolt data transfer technology for Apple’s MacBook devices.

The company will be looking to cash-in on Apple’s fall out with Samsung to gain a footing into the foundry business. Apple’s relationship with Samsung took the turn for the worst when the iPhone maker filled a lawsuit against the latter for violating its design patents.

Intel competes with Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia in the processor and graphic cards market and also has plans to move into the mobile processor market which is largely dominated by ARM.

The company already offers foundry services to several companies but a deal with Apple could allow scale its operations owing to the shear bulk of Apple’s orders. However, even if Intel manages to get a contract from Apple, it won’t be much as Apple might take some time before it shows a red flag to Samsung.