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iPad 2 Camera Proving Very Unpopular With Users

According to Flickr statistics regarding camera type usage, iPad 2 users are not very keen on using the device's cameras. Actually, only 24 iPad 2 users were active daily on Flickr last month. Only 14,000 photos taken with an iPad 2 have been uploaded to the site.

Flickr has 4,423 active daily iPhone 4 users and they have uploaded 7.15 million photos so far. Many iPhone 3G owners also use Flicker adding up to a total of 3,308 active daily. They have uploaded 34.9 million photos since 2008. Some may say that the low iPad 2 camera usage is due to its relatively young age – in comparison with say, the iPhone 3G which has been around for 34 months.

But the truth is that the iPad 2 does take terrible photos and the cameras are to blame for this. Other rival devices offer much better cameras. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has an 8 MP camera, while the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook offer 5 MP cameras.

The iPad 2 incorporates a miserly 0.3 megapixel VGA front-facing camera and the main camera does not impress either at just under 1 megapixel, although it does focus well. The problem is that images are just too grainy.

Moreover, tablets are uncomfortable to take pictures with, and this might also explain why users are not so keen on using their tablets' cameras.