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iPad production hit by quake and parts shortage

Apple's iPad could soon be in short supply because the company's far east manufacturing partners can't keep up with demand.

Orders for the second generation of Apple's genre-defining gadget are already backing up with the company's UK web shop quoting up to 14 days for delivery across the entire range.

And now analysts are predicting that the Cupertino company's goal of shifting between 40 and 45 million units in 2011 is becoming less and less likely.

FBR's Craig Berger says his secret sources have told him that production of the iPad 2 reached 6.2 million units in the second quarter of 2011 and could fall to 5.2 million in the third due to the knock-on effect of the Japanese quake and resultant component shortages, according to Business Insider.

Based on these forecasts, Apple won't be able to build as many of the touch-screen tablets it is able to sell.