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iPhone 5 UK Launch Set For November 21st?

A recent leak suggests that Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5 in the UK on November 21st. The information which allegedly came from a Phones4U representative, was reported by tech site T3.

Apple has not yet confirmed its fifth-generation smartphone release but the date of November for the UK matches the September launch theory that has been circulating around lately. It seems that Apple has decided to give up their usual summer release time frame and will bring their iPhone to the market in autumn.

The specs for the fifth generation iPhone are still shrouded in mystery. Rumours suggest that Apple is preparing some surprises for its customers, including a larger display and a casing inspired by MacBook Air. On the other hand, analysts have recently put forward that the company is not planning to make major changes, even suggesting Apple could launch an iPhone 4S incorporating HSPA+ with a dual core 1GHz A5 processor that the company also uses in its iPad, and a few other minor tweaks.

As stated before, Apple has not yet made public the release date for their new iPhone, and the company could well deviate from the November 21st date even if it has been pencilled in, due to any number of unforseen circumstances.