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Jar Jar Binks Hacker Tells Ronaldinho - 'Meesa Thinks Youssa Looks Like Me'

Mono-named soccer star Ronaldinho's web site has been hacked by an Osama bin Laden-supporting hacker who has suggested that the toothsome ball-booter might look just a little bit like the Star War's franchise's most hated character.

The seeminlgy unbalanced hacker - who says he is a lifelong Muslim, professes his love for the world hide-and-seek champion 2005-2011 - replaced the usual pictures of the Brazilian footballer doing clever things with his balls with snaps of Jar Jar Binks and the recently-assassinated terrorist leader.

Despite the terrorist rhetoric, some commentators thought the comparison with George Lucas' much hated Star Wars character was the most damaging aspect of the attack

"Quite what Ronaldinho has done to anger a hacker enough to compare him to Jar-Jar Binks is beyond me," insecurity expert Graham Cluley of anti-virus vendor Sophos told thinq_ "but there's a serious message here: whether you're a big corporation, a small business or an individual, you need to protect your web presence or risk having hackers plant malware, spam pages or a mischievous message on your site."