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Judge Rules In Favour Of Kodak, Apple’s Patent Invalid

A US International Trade Commission has ruled that camera maker Kodak is not in violation of Apple’s digital imaging patents.

Apple had filed a complaint with the ITC that the one-time camera giant was violating two of its patents and had asked the trade body to ban Kodak from importing the infringing products in the US.

The iPhone maker had claimed that Kodak violated its patent for unified memory architecture and a modular digital imaging technology.

Ruling that Kodak was not in violation of Apple’s patent, ITC judge Robert Rogers Jr. also declared one of Apple’s patents invalid. The judge failed to give a reason behind the ruling. The court documents related to the ruling will be made public only after Apple and Kodak determine that no confidential information was being disclosed.

“We're pleased by this ruling and we are looking forward to the full ITC Commission's decision in our case against Apple and RIM, which is expected in late June," Kodak said in a statement as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple had filed the ITC complaint after Kodak had lodged a similar complaint against Apple and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, accusing them of violating its digital imaging patents. The ITC is yet to review that case.