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Microsoft Keynote Speech Talks About Cloud Computing 'Inflection Point'

Microsoft has detailed how organisations can utilise the power of the cloud computing in their day to day operations.

Speaking during a keynote speech at the company’s TechEd 2011 conference in Atlanta, Microsoft corporate Vice President Robert Wahbe said that cloud computing allowed more people to work together to build an app, manage it and roll out a new application, without worrying about the infrastructure.

The company said that next version of Microsoft System Center, which will be released by the end of this year, will be dedicated to offering a unified cloud computing experience. Microsoft said that it would allow admins to control both private and public clouds from a single console, PC World reports.

The entire platform will be powered by Microsoft's Hyper-V-based virtual machine, allowing more flexibility between external and internal clouds.

“This move to virtualization is setting us all up for a much bigger inflection point, the inflection point to the cloud,” Wahbe said during the key note, adding that organisations will use virtualisation for “all those virtualized resources, [pull] them together to dynamically provision and scale your application, and only pay for what you are using.”