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Modern Warfare 3 gets November release date

The latest entry in the popular Modern Warfare series has been given an official launch date, with UK punters able to participate in a little first-person run-and-gun action from the 8th of November.

Originally conceived as a way to bring the ageing Call of Duty series bang up to date with a modern-day setting and high-tech weaponry, the Modern Warfare spin-off has proven a smash hit - in no small part thanks to cinematic single-player plotlines and a clever multiplayer mechanic that sees gamers unlock additional weapons and 'perks' the longer they play.

The third entry in the series, called - you might be surprised to hear - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, will hit the streets on the 8th of November, and retailer Game is already looking to cash in with pre-orders opening at £44.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or £39.99 for the PC release.

The game's release has been somewhat overshadowed by rumours that the entire plot was leaked to the Internet, giving die-hard fans a chance to find out what will happen ahead of time. Thus far, developer Infinity Ward hasn't commented on the supposed leak - and for those who want to experience the game as intended, we'd recommend steering clear of any unofficial videos on YouTube, just in case.

The Call of Duty series is almost unique in the gaming industry due to its tick-tock development process: each game is developed on a two-year timeline by one of two development houses - Infinity Ward or Treyarch - with the schedule staggered to ensure a new Call of Duty game is released every single year.

For 2011, it's Infinity Ward's turn to bat following the success of Treyarch's Vietnam-themed Call of Duty: Black Ops. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will avoid the release-day bugs that plagued last year's effort from Treyarch and earned publisher Activision a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading.

If you want to see what November has to offer, Game has provided a teaser trailer for the title: