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No NFC Chip In iPhone 5 After All?

A note from the research company Bernstein suggested on Monday that the next iPhone would not incorporate an RFID NFC chip, going against previous rumours which claimed the company was planning to use near field communication technology in their new device.

NFC is a technology used in data transmission allowing the smartphone to be used for mobile payments, like the oyster card on London Transport. Despite Apple’s RFID patents and reports going back as far as 2009 pertaining to RFID functionality in iPhones, it seems that users will only have this functionality in the sixth generation devices expected to be launched in 2012.

Although this piece of news is not totally certain, The Independent also quoted mobile operators who suggested that Apple planned to incorporate NFC technology in their iPhone 6.

According to another analyst’s report from last week, the most important features in the next iPhone are the Sprint and T-Mobile network support, possible better cameras and a dual-core A5 processor also used in iPad 2. Photos allegedly of a case for the fifth generation iPhone showed that the rear camera flash was no longer near the lens, allowing for better pictures in dim environments.

Most people are expecting the next iPhone to be released in late September and not during summer as has been the case with Apple's product cycle until now.