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Nokia ends Ovi

Finnish mobile phone company has announced it is ending Ovi services, which will be hence forth known as Nokia services - as a possible consolidation of branding ahead of the Microsoft tie-up fully happening in a retail device.

The first noticeable signs of the Ovi name disappearing will happen during July and August, where the rebranding to ‘Nokia services’ has been noted by the company to be heading into 2012.

Early February Microsoft and Nokia jointly unveiled a new partnership, with an aim to start deploying Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets.

The joining of forces between the two companies is in order to bring a new global ecosystem to the mobile phone market, with a view to develop mobile products on an unprecedented scale.

There is no planned disruption to the Ovi/Nokia roadmaps, as each of the services under the Ovi umbrella will simply be rebranded Nokia for a much clearer and simpler naming of all the extras that accompany a Nokia handset.

This transition from Ovi to Nokia starts in two months and will be transparent to anyone buying a new Nokia smartphone, where anyone already owning a Nokia phone will see this new rebranding through future software updates.

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