NXP Releases Chips That Allow Light Bulbs To Be Controlled Online

Leading semiconductor manufacturer NXP has unveiled a new range of “light-bulb controller” chips which can be linked to any web enabled device, the company revealed.

This new innovative technology will enable users to switch on/off or dim their lights remotely from a PC, tablet device, smartphone or any other device connected to the internet.

This new technology is a part of the company’s GreenChip range, and it operates on the same wireless network setup used at home, or organisations.

According to NXP, each of these “smart lighting” chips are assigned with a unique ip address, making it possible to control them via the Web.

"For individual consumers, Smart Lighting means highly personalised, intelligent lighting environments — lights that turn on and off when and where you need them, at the desired level of brightness — while saving power and electricity costs," said John Croteau, senior vice president and general manager of power lighting solutions and high performance RF for NXP Semiconductors, ZD Net reports.

This new range of “revolutionary” bulbs are controlled by the company’s JetNet IP network layer software.

According to NXP, the JetNet IP network layer is "a 6LoWPAN mesh-under tree network, specifically targeting low-power IEEE 802.15.4-based networking for residential and industrial applications".