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O2 Restoring Data & Telephony Services Following Break In

O2 has confirmed that it has been restoring service to parts of East London, North London, Kent and East Sussex that had been affected by theft and vandalism at an unmanned operations site in East London, which was discovered early on Tuesday.

The latest update published by O2 on its official blog says that they have been bringing back service to the affected areas but underline that there are pockets of no coverage that may remain.

2G and 3G Voice, text and data services had been completely wiped out by the criminal acts which happened this morning and O2 engineers have been working throughout the day.

The outage also affected other Mobile Virtual Network Operators like O2's own Giff Gaff and Tesco Mobile which use O2 backend to provide their services.

O2 stressed that the site was secured but that it was a well organised theft that targeted the operations site, and although there were backup plans, O2's "extensive continuity plans" were evidently not enough as some users were left without service for most of the day.

Some O2 customers have criticised the mobile phone operator for not putting a clearly visible notice on the front page to indicate that there is an issue with its services.

The outage comes nearly two years after O2's data network went out for almost half a day. Back then, O2 said that a technical flaw had caused the downtime.