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O2 Suffers Massive Outage, Sussex, Kent, North And East London Affected

UK wireless carrier O2’s voice and data services were affected after the company’s network equipment was targeted by vandals and thieves.

The severe outage has affected O2 customers in North and East London, Sussex and Kent. Customers are unable to make voice calls or connect to the internet.

Thieves attacked the carrier’s East London hubs, causing such destruction that O2 engineers are still struggling to bring the network back online for the users.

The company expects the network to become live once again by the end of this day. The delay was caused after the law enforcement agencies got involved in the investigation and securing the area.

O2 said in a blog post that it was an organised crime group that was responsible for the theft and vandalism. The black market for stolen networking equipment is quite huge in Eastern Europe.

“Our engineers are on site now working to replace the stolen equipment and repair the vandalism,” the company said.

“At the moment there is no estimated time for this to be fixed, however we’re working on getting our network up and running as soon as possible and expect it to be today,” O2 said in a blog post.