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Phones4U Staff Says iPhone 5 Will Hit UK On November 21st

An employee from high street retailer, Phones4U, has told T3 that the Apple iPhone 5 will reach the UK on the 21st of November, more than five months after we expect it to be unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

The unnamed representative told T3 about the date but failed to give more details for obvious reasons.

We are still expecting the iPhone 4 to be presented on the 6th of June so that it will fit Apple's normal timing. But it appears that a number of unexpected events, like the Japanese earthquake and the rise of the Android threat, may have finally convinced Apple to delay the launch of the iPhone 5 by a few months.

A launch towards the end of November may cause Apple's competitors to review their plans as well, especially as it coincides with the lucrative holiday season.

The latest rumours point to a slightly changed enclosure with a four inch edge to edge screen, the A5, the same dual core SoC that powers the Apple iPad 2 and a better rear and front facing camera.

However the most important upgrade is likely to be one that involves online services - like iTunes, MobileMe or voice recognition - and which would see Apple betting the future of iOS on cloud computing.