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Ronaldinho's website hacked, player insulted

Football supremo Ronaldinho has become the latest celebrity to have his website attacked, with the star suffering a somewhat unflattering comparison to a certain Star Wars character at the hands of an unknown pro-terrorism cracker.

The footballer's site was defaced this weekend by a cracker calling himself 'Terrorist_MC,' who posted Arabic messages alongside an English rant stating: "I'm Muslim for ever, I love Oussama ben Laden [sic], I don't stop the hacking, f*** Obama, f*** America."

While the attacker's seeming pro-terrorism stance may have caused Ronaldinho some heartache - along with the posting of a photo of recently deceased hide and seek champion bin Laden smiling happily - the attacker has a more personal message for the Brazilian football star.

Replacing the usual triptych of Ronaldinho at his finest were images depicting bin Laden, Ronaldinho, and the Star Wars character every nerd in the world loves to hate, Jar-Jar Binks - drawing a clear comparison between the footballer and the Gungan.

While, admittedly, there is a somewhat superficial similarity between the two images - including fairly prominent teeth, slightly bugged eyes, and a tendency to make those who support the other side swear at the TV - it's hardly the sort of image that Ronaldinho's webmasters will want to endorse.

"Quite what Ronaldinho has done to anger a hacker enough to compare him to Jar-Jar Binks is beyond me," insecurity expert Graham Cluley of anti-virus vendor Sophos said, "but there's a serious message here: whether you're a big corporation, a small business or an individual, you need to protect your web presence or risk having hackers plant malware, spam pages or a mischievous message on your site."

The site has since been restored to its former glory, and while it doesn't appear that the attacker had anything beyond a simple defacement in mind - with no evidence of data being stolen, and no malware distributed through the site - it's hopeful that lessons have been learned, and whatever open goal let the hacker in given adequate additional defence.