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Updated Google News Introduces Collapsible Story Clusters, Filters Out Press Releases

Google has rolled out fresh new features for Google News, allowing users to delve deeper to find the news they want and filter out blog posts and press releases.

In a blog post, the company explained that Google News now comes with features that allow users to dig deeper and find content related to the news they interested in.

Google News will come with a click-to-expand feature that will allow users to view a collapsible news story cluster. The cluster, apart from the top story, will feature one-headline articles. Clicking any where near the cluster will collapse the headlines.

The expanded stories will come with genre labels on some additional articles related to the story that would give users an idea about why they were chosen. Some of the genres that appear include ‘Opinion’ and ‘In Depth’.

Every expanded storage box will feature a sliding bar of videos and photos related to the story. Users will be able to easily access the media and will also be able to share it.

“For a long time, we’ve realized that bringing relevant news to the surface is only part of the puzzle—it should also be easy to scan for stories of interest and dig deeper when you find them. The newly expandable stories on Google News in the U.S., released today, give you greater story diversity with less clutter,” the company said in a statement.