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£149.97 Philips HDT8520 HD Digital Terrestrial Recorder

The Philips HDT8520 High definition Digital Terrestrial Recorder is a highly advanced Freeview tuner cum HD Recorder with 500 GB hard drive - a multipurpose gadget, capable of becoming the centre of your entire entertainment set up.

The HDT8520 can record your favourite programs in HD format with just a click of your finger. It comes with an eight day Electronic Programme Guide, as well as the series recording feature which allows you to record the entire episodes of your favourite programme. Not only that, you can also pause and resume live TV programmes such as sports, News reports etc. The 1080 pixel High Definition picture quality via the HDMI output is suitable for all kinds of program.

The device also possesses a twin tuner, meaning you can simultaneously watch a programme while still recording another. Plus, it hardly makes any noise when operating - extremely quiet, even when recording.

Its highly advanced technology lets you watch your programme in 1/4x slow motion, at the same time allowing 128x fast forward and rewind capabilities.

The power consumption is also fairly low at almost 15 watt when operating, and 1 watt while on the standby mode.

The Philips HDT8520 High definition Digital Terrestrial Recorder is available at ASDA Direct for £149.97 only.