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A Turning Tide for Government IT

Global government demand for cloud services has never been more acute. The need for effective and efficient service delivery and faster overall deployment in challenging economic conditions has brought the benefits of the cloud to the fore.

According to our annual cloud research, 41 percent of public sector organisations were using or plan to use enterprise-grade cloud for applications they own or manage within the next 12 months.

Earlier this year we expanded our Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Centre cloud service to our data centre in Washington, D.C., to provide cloud computing capacity for the U.S. government. We have opened this to a wide range of clients who now have the potential to cost-effectively deploy new services for the government, which is paying only for the IT infrastructure that it actually consumes.

Back here in the United Kingdom, in spite of a strong culture of outsourcing, progress in delivering the G-cloud has been hampered by the high costs and complexity around meeting government risk control and security management requirements.

The good news is that recently there has been a notable acceleration in the acceptance that these concerns can be easily addressed within a well-designed infrastructure. In fact, in a report issued this week, shared IT Infrastructure, open-source software and a stripped-back IT estate are at the very heart of the U.K. government's ICT strategy.