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AMD's upcoming Fusion CPU details leak out

AMD is planning to launch additional processors to its Fusion platform, adding new speeds in order to tempt low-power OEMs away from the allure of Intel's Atom and the various ARM chips on the market.

According to details obtained by Turkish tech site Donanim Haber - and as-yet unverified by AMD - the Fusion line will be joined by two new high-end models: the C-60 and the E-450. A new mid-range chip, the E-300, is also in the works, the source claims.

The C-60 will reportedly take the place of AMD's current low-power flagship C-50 chip, featuring two processing cores running at 1GHz with the company's Turbo Core technology pushing the clock speed to 1.3GHz in single-threaded applications. 1MB of L2 cache is included to keep data flowing, while the graphics portion of the chip is now a Radeon HD 6290 and includes an automatic overclocking feature capable of boosting the speed from its default 276MHz to 400MHz on demand.

The E-450, by contrast, is a more power-hungry chip - although still a long way away from the company's mainstream desktop processors. Featuring two processing cores running at an impressive 1.65GHz and using the same 1MB of L2 cache as its predecessors, the chip includes a boost to 508MHz for the integrated graphics processor - rising to 600MHz in turbo mode - while the integrated memory controller will include support for 1,333MHz RAM.

Finally, the company is reportedly introducing a mid-range chip, the E-300. Designed to sit below the existing E-350 as an option for the more budget-conscious OEMs, the chip will include dual processing cores running at 1.3GHz and a non-overclockable Radeon HD 6310 graphics processor running at 488MHz.

The site claims that the chips will be ready for release by AMD's OEM partners in September. Sadly, we have been unable to confirm this with AMD as a company spokesperson told us, "We don't comment on rumours or speculation."