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Apple Presages iPhone 5 Launch By Cutting Down On iPhone 4 Orders

Apple has apparently started to cut down on the number of iPhone 4 units it is ordering in anticipation of the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5, its next generation smartphone, which is expected to be previewed at the forthcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference at the beginning of June.

Supply chain manufacturers from Taiwan, have told Taiwanese news outlet Digitimes that the amount of iPhone 4 handsets produced in the second quarter of 2011 is likely to drop from 20 million units to around 18 million with the majority made up of 3G models and roughly two million CDMA units.

The reduction in order corresponds to the estimated number of iPhone 4 devices currently on the market (around two million units) and also takes into consideration the fact that there will be the iPhone 4S (or iPhone 5) coming out, which will feature a better camera, Qualcomm-sourced CDMA and 3G chips.

The rumour about an iPhone 4S handset gained momentum last Friday when a note from Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek was published by Forbes and mentioned that the next generation iPhone, which he says will go on sale in September, will be a minor update which will be called the iPhone 4S.

The moniker itself emerged back in April when some developers were apparently given a device which is virtually identical to the iPhone 4 but comes with an upgraded interior, including A5 dual-core processor, and bears the moniker iPhone 4S.