Apple Trademarks The Name 'Noteworthy', But Its Purpose Is Unclear

A recent patent filed by Apple has been discovered, which indicates that the company will soon be launching an optical character recognition app for the iOS devices.

The European Trademark Office released an Apple patent application that aims to trademark the term ‘Noteworthy’, Patently Apple reports.

Noteworthy has been classified under the computer software and printing font category. Patently Apple is speculating that the company may launch an app for the iPhone that turns it into a scanner. Earlier this year, the company filed a patent application for an optical LCD screen technology for the iPhone.

Noteworthy is also the name of a font that Apple included in iOS 4.3. However, it is still not clear whether the font is somehow related to an app that the company plans to build.

Apple might also be planning to launch a cloud based voice recording note-taking app based on Nuance’s technology.

The manner in which Apple files its patents sometimes makes it impossible to determine exactly what the patent will ultimately be used for.

And considering Apple's habit of pre-emptively buying domain names and trademarking possible brand names, it's not clear if the Noteworthy will amount to anything at all.