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Better Late Than Never, Pivot Table Feature Introduced In Google Docs Spreadsheet Tool

Search engine giant Google has added the pivot tables feature in the Spreadsheet tool on its Google Docs platform.

Although the functionality has been available on Microsoft Excel since 1993, the fact that Google is working towards making the platform a worthy replacement for Microsoft Office should be a worrying cause for Microsoft.

Pivot tables allow users to summarise a large amount of data within seconds. It is a handy function for users who are dealing with a large amount of spreadsheet data.

“In essence, a pivot table does just that - it allows you to “pivot” or rotate data, thus looking at it from different angles and seeing a variety of patterns which may not be immediately obvious,” the company said in a blog post.

Google said that the pivot table will be updated automatically after every few seconds for the users and their collaborators. Users wishing to make changes in batches can also switch to the manual mode. However, the manual mode, the pivot table won’t be updated before users click on the Update Table button.