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Find out who's unfriended you on Facebook

Ever suspected one of your so-called 'friends' might have unfriended you on Facebook? Well now you can find out, thanks to a third-party tool designed for all major browsers that will tell you this and more.

Facebook itself provides no way to tell if some less-than-friendly acquaintance has chosen to cross you off their virtual Christmas card list - and the hordes of nosey and/or paranoid twonks populating Mark E Zuckerberg's international glee club have provided rich pickings for scammers peddling malware apps that promise to do just that.

Userscript Unfriend Finder provides a (seemingly) safe way to do so - and it will also reveal when someone has declined your friend request, and tells you when a friend has deactivated their Facebook account.

The add-in works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari and can be downloaded as a userscript that you either install directly, or after you've installed an extension that adds userscript compatibility.

Unfriend Finder adds an 'Unfriends' menu to the usual Facebook sidebar, an Unfriends option in Facebook's top right-hand menu, and an icon nest to the Facebook chat app at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the sidebar menu reveals the friends who have de-listed you since the add-in was installed - there's no way to know about past unfriendings. Notifications - such as when a contact denies your friend invitation - are sent via the official Facebook notification system.

All seems a bit cloak-and-dagger to us - and, unaccustomed as we are to sticking in our ha'p'orth - we'd venture that you could consider asking them instead. Just a thought.