IBM Lures Clients From Oracle

International Business Machines has dished out new migration resources that would allow Oracle customers to ‘move up’ to IBM systems.

The new migration resources released by the company include no-charge financial and technical assessments, more than 100 online and in-person training courses and proof of concepts that would allow Oracle clients to move to IBM software.

IBM claims that moving to its software will allow clients to save more costs and work in a flexible environment.

The company’s financial arm, IBM Global Financing will also be offering zero percent finance schemes to Oracle clients to let them quickly move to IBM.

Under the veil of providing greater choice and flexibility to business customers, IBM is aggressively trying to siphon clients from Oracle.

According to the company, in 2010, more than 1,000 Oracle data base clients moved to IBM’s DB2 platform while more than 400 Oracle WebLogic clients migrated to IBM’s WebSphere.

"Clients are looking to IBM software as an attractive alternative to forced migrations, uncertain product roadmaps, waning levels of support and rising licensing costs," said Bernie Spang, Director of Strategy, IBM Software, said in a statement as quoted by Govconwire.

"More importantly, clients find that making the switch to IBM software helps them achieve their business goals faster and more economically." he added.