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Intel Shows Off Medfield Processor, Will Launch Next Year

Intel has announced that smartphones based on its low-power Medfield processors will be available next year.

The company's delay has resulted in its rival ARM Holdings gaining a significant edge in the smartphone and tablet markets.

Intel showed a prototype smartphone based on its Medfield processor, playing HD videos and running on the Android operating system. The company also showed off processor designs for 7-inch and 10-inch tablet PC devices.

“We plan to have Medfield phones in the market early next year,” Intel CEO Paul Otellini said during the company’s investor conference.

The company said that the reason for its delay was its partnership with Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia. The company was working with Nokia to create processor designs and the Meego OS when Nokia decided to dump Intel in favor of Microsoft.

“That was, in hindsight, perhaps the wrong partner to have picked,” Otellini said during his speech, PC World reports.

Intel also admitted that it had licenses to produce ARM based chips but decided against it because it would cut into its profits. Intel claims that it is fully capable of creating processors that are much more power efficient than those offered by ARM.