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Late News: Pivot Tables In Google Spreadsheet Tool, Bill Gates And Skype Acquisition, VMWare Horizon App Manager

Search engine giant Google has added the pivot tables feature in the Spreadsheet tool on its Google Docs platform. Although the functionality has been available on Microsoft Excel since 1993, the fact that Google is working towards making the platform a worthy replacement for Microsoft Office should be a worrying cause for Microsoft.

VMware has introduced its new Horizon App Manager, a product meant to simplify the provisioning and management of private and public cloud based services. The company revealed the new product on Tuesday, reporting that the management service, currently priced at $30 per user, has been picked as the first one to be shipped.

GCHQ has informed through a, now disowned, letter, that powerline broadband networking is affecting the organisation’s ability to scan and interpret radio signals. The document revealed that it believed that measures should be taken to prevent a Britain wide roll out of the technology before it causes more damage.

Bill Gates revealed that he played a major role in convincing the Microsoft board to approve the acquisition of VoIP services provider Skype. The software giant has decided to purchase the loss-making VoIP platform for $8.5 billion (£5.2 billion); this is Microsoft's largest acquisition to date.

The US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has finally gotten involved in the growing controversy over location data collection by Apple and Google. FCC sent invitations to Google, Apple and consumer advocates to participate in a “public education forum”, designed to address growing privacy concerns among consumers.