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Microsoft Claims SmartScreen Filter In IE9 Reduce Malware Risk By 95%

According to a recent Microsoft blog post, one out of every fourteen downloads is likely to be a malware.

The company also expressed its concerns saying that the threat from these malicious programs is constantly on the rise.

“Social-engineering attacks, like tricking a user into running a malicious program, are far more common than attacks on security vulnerabilities,” the blog post read.

However, the company says that thanks to the SmartScreen Filter technology it has included in its post 2008 browsers, the Internet Explorer users, particularly those of the IE9, are likely to be immune to these threats to quite an extent.

“Application Reputation in IE9 helps protect users from these socially engineered malware attacks,” it added.

Microsoft also revealed quite a bit about the functionalities of the integrated SmartScreen Filter, the hint of pride being clearly visible in its tone.

“Through the SmartScreen Filter, IE has been effective at blocking socially engineered malware attacks and malicious downloads – IE blocks between 2 and 5 million attacks a day for IE8 and IE9 customers,” it stated.

The blog post also claimed that since the new and improved functionalities of the integrated SmartScreen Filter has been launched, “Users are choosing to delete or not run malware 95% of the times.”