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Microsoft Will Give New Xbox Consoles To Victims of XGD3 Firmware Upgrade

Microsoft has promise to hand out brand new top-end Xbox 360 consoles to anyone who fins their own hardware bricked by the latest firmware update.

Well... sort of. The software giant is introducing a new disc format to the games console and a handful of the millions of boxes out there will not be able to cope with the XGD3 discs which can squeeze in an extra gigabyte of data, according to thinq_

The dashboard update, which starts rolling out tomorrow, updates the firmware in the onboard optical drive but some consoles will not support the update.

"We are able to detect this issue over Xbox LIVE," a Microsoft spokesperson said, "and are proactively reaching out to customers that may be impacted to replace their console."

Microsoft is also asking those who receive error messages saying that a disc is 'unsupported' after the update contact their support department for assistance.

Microsoft might seem uncharacteristically generous in this case, but has pointed out that the replacement programme will affect 'a very small number' of customers.

The company also confirmed that anyone declining to install the update in order to keep underhanded hacks in place will be excommunicated from Xbox Live.