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Mono Creator Forms New Start-Up Independent Of Novell

Creator of open source software Mono Miguel de Icaza has launched a start-up to keep the project alive and kicking, after Attachemate decided to sack the entire global team.

Mono is the open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET and C# compiler and was supported by Novell. However, when Attachemate decided to acquire the company, the fate of several major open source projects under Mono’s wings were doomed, including Mono.

Attachemate pledged continued support for SUSE Linux distribution but decided to sack the global Mono team in order to cut costs.

Now, de Icaza has floated a new start-up called Xamarin, which will be focused on developing and offering Mono-based projects.

“We have been trying to spin Mono off from Novell for more than a year now. Everyone agreed that Mono would have a brighter future as an independent company, so a plan was prepared last year,” de Icaza said in a blog (opens in new tab)post.

He also revealed that their determination was strengthened when Attachemate decided to lay off Mono teams in Canada, US, Europe, Brazil and Japan.

“Now, two weeks later, we have a plan in place, which includes both angel funding for keeping the team together, as well as a couple of engineering contracts that will help us stay together as a team while we ship our revenue generating products,” he said.

The new start up plans to build and ship a new commercial .NET offering for iOS and Android platforms, develop and support open source Mono and Moonlight components and explore other opportunities in the mobile space and Mac App Store.