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Netfilx Tops Peak Web Traffic Charts

Popular movie streaming service Netflix now accounts for the majority of peak downstream web traffic in the US.

According to the latest web metrics (PDF) released by Sandvine, the service now accounts for 29.7 percent of downstream web traffic during the peak hours. Netflix is followed by HTTP based websites accounting for 18.36 percent of the traffic. Netflix had accounted for 21 percent of the traffic last year in fall.

YouTube, BitTorrent and Flash Video hog 11.04 percent, 10.37 percent and 4.88 percent of the downstream web traffic in the US during peak hours. BitTorrent also accounts for the highest upstream traffic during peak hours at 52.01 percent.

On the whole, real-time entertainment, which includes movie and music streaming services, accounts for 49.2 percent of the web traffic in the US, followed by P2P sharing at 18.8 percent and web browsing at 16.6 percent.

Sandvine estimates that real-time entertainment, including those provided by Netflix, will account for 60 percent of the downstream traffic by the end of this year.

Netflix started out as a disc only rental service in the US but has since then expanded to online movie streaming. The company offers services starting as low as £6 per month. The service is available on desktop and via apps on multiple mobile platforms.