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NFC Mobile Payment Systems Being Installed In Apple Stores?

Apple-watchers have so far been divided by rumours concerning possible NFC capabilities for the fifth-generation iPhone. Some believe it will definitely be present, others do not. BGR (opens in new tab)has recently released new information from various Apple sources suggesting that the iPhone 5 will incorporate NFC capabilities and Apple Stores are already preparing for the technology.

Boy Genius Report bases this latest theory on unsubstantiated information that NFC payment processing systems are already being installed in Apple Stores.

There is evidence to support BGR’s theory. Apple recently turned off all its POS devices for the whole day, so that customers could neither buy some items nor return merchandise. The company stated that maintenance operations were necessary, though sources believe the maintenance could be something much more significant. Moreover, Apple store employees recently had to do night overtime to “assist in installing TBD devices”, a measure allegedly due to Apple retail segment growth.

Other sources say that new tables have been installed in Apple stores. They do not integrate the same wiring as other Apple standard tables and have cash wraps built in. Nobody is currently using them and management told employees to wait for further information. Sources believe that the new tables could bring NFC payment capabilities.

Perhaps Apple has something up its sleave for its 10th anniversary in retail which falls tomorrow on Thursday 19th May - there are reports (opens in new tab) Apple is planning a major product launch.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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