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Nintendo Wii 2 spotted in the wild

Video footage supposedly sneaked out of a top secret, hush-hush Nintendo developer meeting showing the forthcoming Wii 2 has leaked onto the Internet.

The 40-second blurry-cam clip shows a presenter talking about a projected technical slide and pointing to the unidentified object which many are suggesting is the next generation family-friendly console from the House of Mario.

Now we're not saying it's not a Wii 2, because we're as excited as the everyone else to see what Nintendo has to offer now that every other console slinger on the market has bootlegged the original's unique selling point - the Wiimote motion-sensing controller - but the curvy, possibly metallic object featured in the shaky shot could be anything.

There's no audio on the footage so the presenter could be saying, "That about wraps it up for this morning's session on the secrets of slug mating rituals, so now it's lunch time. I have remembered to bring my special lunch box. Here it is on this convenient shelf under the projection screen. Today, my mum has made be Spam and egg sandwiches and I have a lovely carton of Um Bongo (they drink it in the Congo) to wash it down with."

We've fiddled about with the levels in Photoshop to make it a bit easier to see in our picture above, or you can check out the video below and make up your own mind.

The latest tattle predicts that the Wii 2 will be announced in the next couple of weeks so a deliberate Nintendo leak is not out of the question. We'd also be very surprised if anyone close enough to Ninty to be invited to a super secret club meeting would be daft enough to whip out a mobile phone to film the footage, especially in such a small room.

Right. We're off to see if they still sell Um Bongo at the corner shop.