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Nvidia Introduces Tesla M2090 GPU, Boosts Server Performance

Hewlett Packard has applauded Nvidia’s new Tesla M2090 GPU, claiming that it would boost the high performance computing segment.

Touted as the world’s fastest parallel processor for HPC set-ups, the Tesla M2090 GPU comes with a whooping 512 cores that allow it to process mathematical and scientific problems 30 percent faster than previous models.

The GPU, which can support up to 6GBs of memory, is capable of delivering a performance of 1330 gigaflops at its peak. The GPU is targeted at government organisations, engineering and life sciences organisations.

HP will be added Nvidia’s latest GPU in several of its HP ProLiant servers, like the SL390 G7 server, targeted at high performance computing.

“The high performance computing (HPC) segment has an endless thirst for performance and this has made the use of GPUs a disruptive force. For researchers, scientists and engineers, enhanced performance allows for faster innovation that will result in the kinds of discoveries that can change the world,” Ed Turkel, marketing manager for HPC for HP, wrote in a blog post.

HP has been a long-standing Nvidia partner in making systems that can be used for parallel processing or high performance computing.