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O2 Says No To Compensation After Mobile Network Outage

O2 announced this morning on its official blog that it had restored coverage to all the areas affected by yesterday's vandalism and theft which occurred at one of their operation sites in East London.

Although many O2, GiffGaff, Lycamobile and Tesco Mobile customers in East London, North London, Kent and Sussex have been affected by the downtime, they are unlikely to receive any compensation.

The mobile phone operator said that they are not able to identify which customers may or may not have suffered from the loss of service.

Furthermore, O2 points to the terms and conditions that all customers agreed to in principle before joining the network, and underlined the fact that mobile networks are "not completely fault-free" as a number of things - including the thickness of walls of a building - may affect the quality of service.

However, many of the 500 or so comments on the blog post suggest that users, especially those on pay monthly plans, should not pay the full price for a service that is not available.

However, on a pro rata basis, half a day downtime may only amount to around £1 at most, which for those affected by the O2 outage would surely not be worth going though any tedious compensation process for.