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Powerline Interference Hampers GCHQ Spying Abilities

A letter sent by the GCHQ informs that powerline broadband networking is affecting the organisation’s ability to scan and interpret radio signals.

The document, which has now been disowned by the spy organisation, revealed that it believed that measures should be taken to prevent a Britain wide roll out of the technology before it causes more damage.

According to the letter, the GCHQ notes that the technology ‘is likely to cause a detrimental effect to part of the core business of this Department.

Power line networking is used by home users who find it difficult to receive a Wi-Fi signal. Home owners use the mains wiring in their building as a replacement for Wi-Fi.

Even the Civil Aviation Authority has expressed its concerns over the technology, claiming that it could interfere with critical navigational systems.

Comtrend, the leading manufacturer of the power line technology, has said that it has installed the systems in 1.5 million British homes. The company said that it was willing to work with the GCHQ and the CAA to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, the GCHQ has disowned the letter being citing by media report, claiming that it contained inaccuracies and was not authorised.

“GCHQ has concluded that [powerline networking] technology is not impacting on GCHQ's capability,” a GCHQ spokesman told The Telegraph.