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Professor Hargreaves Recommends Legalising CD, DVD Ripping

A review of UK’s aging copyright laws has suggested ripping of CDs and DVDs for use on multiple devices legal. As of now, ripping music CDs is against the law.

Professor Ian Hargreaves was commissioned by the government to conduct a review of the country’s copyright act and offer suggestions to bring it on track with the digital age. UK Prime Minister David Cameroon had earlier expressed his wish to have a review conducted at an event in London.

The Hargreaves Report found that businesses looking to expand in areas such as the internet were stalled by UK’s archaic copyright laws.

The report suggested the creation of a Digital Copyright Exchange that would make it easier for businesses and right holders to license original content.

“This will make it easier for rights owners, small and large, to sell licenses for their work and for others to buy them. It will make market transactions faster, more automated and cheaper,” the report read.

Business Secretary Vince Cable has appreciated the measures noted by the Hargreaves report and claimed that it would help bring UK copyright laws up to pace with today’s technology.

“Ian Hargreaves describes how digital technology is challenging existing business models while enabling new ones. Our IP system – and particularly the copyright system – has not kept pace. In some cases, they represent obstacles to important research, innovation and growth,” Cable said at an intellectual property conference in London.