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Rumour: MacBook Air update coming in June or July

Following the recent refresh of the MacBook Pro range, there could be little doubt that the super-slim MacBook Air would follow suit sooner or later.

The razor-sharp laptop will almost certainly ape its chunkier siblings by featuring Intel's latest Sandy Bridge CPU architecture and a Thunderbolt port capable of driving an external display and up to six other peripherals.

Both Apple Insider and CNET have suggested previously - as far back as February, in fact - that a June or July launch was on the cards and now Taiwanese manufacturing industry watchers at Digitimes have had a rifle around in a few skips and come to the same conclusion.

The mole-infested tech blog says its secret sources within Apple's supply chain have confirmed that 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Airs with Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Britches would start rolling off the production lines in late may in preparation for a June of July launch.

Although no-one at Apple or any of the suppliers - including assembler Quanta, case maker Catcher Technology or battery supplier Dynapack - would comment on the launch, the timing fits, as it hits the peak 'back to school' selling period during which Apple sells shed-loads of laptops to the deep-trousered parents of American college students.