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Sony details UK fraud protection for PSN users

Sony's announcement that it would be offering free games to those affected by its PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment security breaches has been followed with details of a free identity theft protection service.

When Sony announced that UK PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners would be getting a pair of somewhat dated games for having their personal details downloaded by ne'er-do-wells from the company's inadequately secured servers, we asked where the free fraud protection insurance that US owners had been given was.

Sony has now answered, confirming that selected European users will be offered the same level of protection as their US counterparts, in partnership with identity theft protection specialist Affinion International.

Under the programme, users will be offered a monitoring and alert service for their personal information and credit cards, insurance to cover the cost of 'identity restoration' following fraud, and a dedicated helpline service.

The offering covers the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany - with European users outside these areas asked to hold fire on their complaints until Sony can investigate other offerings.

"Each country has a different way of handling identity theft," Sony's Nick Caplin explained. "Whilst some offer relatively sophisticated services, others may not. Therefore, we must stress that this is an ongoing process which will see new identity theft protection programmes identified where possible.

"We are still working to identify similar services for those countries not covered by this offering, and this will depend on reputable businesses offering appropriate services," he added.

Details on how to claim the insurance package from Affinion are expected to be released in the next few days.