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Two Teenage Hackers Convicted, Given Suspended Sentences

Two teenage boys who stole credit card data and took an online web host down, have been sentenced with imprisonment.

The alleged hackers, Zachary Woodham, 19, and Louis Tobenhouse, 18, both from Brighton, were charged with a number of cyber security and fraud offences, Met Police revealed in a statement.

"Woodham and Tobenhouse chose to abuse their computer skills causing a considerable amount of financial loss and anxiety to a number of innocent people. Woodham in particular has shown himself to be a vindictive hacker with no sign of remorse towards any of his victims," said detective constable Stuart Hosking of the police central e-crime unit, The Inquirer (opens in new tab) reports.

“This case illustrates that internet crime is not victimless and that the Police Central e-Crime Unit will pursue perpetrators of such offences in support of victims,” he added.

The duo was found guilty of breaking into the IT infrastructure of various businesses including the hosting firm Punkyhosting. They were also alleged of being connected to the underground Ghostmarket site.

According to reports, the teenagers were sentenced to imprisonment, but they have received suspended sentences that will allow them to do community service instead of going to prison.