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VMware Introduces Intuitive Cloud Computing Interface

VMware has introduced its new Horizon App Manager, a product meant to simplify the provisioning and management of private and public cloud based services.

The company revealed the new product on Tuesday, reporting that the management service, currently priced at $30 per user, has been picked as the first one to be shipped.

These new offerings are part of the company’s “Project Horizon”, unveiled last summer. Project Horizon aims at providing consumers a unified virtual workspaces.

The new products will also equip administrators with a tool that can be used to allow access to Web based SaaS apps such as Salesforce, Google Apps, SuccessFactors, Mozy, Zimbra and End users will sign in once and then see an array of icons representing the available apps. The interface is reminiscent of most touch smartphones and looks fairly intuitive from the demo.

"End users have a single sign-in experience, while admins have the ability to ensure that security and passwords stay behind the firewall," said Noah Wasmer, VMware Director of product management, Beta News reports.

"We want to ensure that there's a granular level of access for all these different types of apps as well as controlling the data."