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Women Over 35 Are Turning To Literary Piracy

A significant portion of British women over 35 illegally download files, especially e-books, a new study revealed.

The study was a part of the Digital Entertainment Survey, carried out by Entertainment Media Research on behalf of the law firm, Wiggin.

It stated that the trend of downloading unlicensed e-books amongst older British women has been constantly on the rise ever since the introduction of the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle.

Both these gadgets are known for providing an excellent and dedicated platform for ebook reading.

According to the survey, one in eight female owners of a tablet or e-reader from the 35+ age group reportedly admitted of downloading unlicensed copies of e-books.

Interestingly, the Publishers Association recently disclosed that the sales-figure of books and ebooks declined by almost 3 percent during the last year.

"The innovation in the digital marketplace and the strength of British publishers’ export performance is only possible because of the robust and flexible copyright framework which underpins the UK creative industries," said chief executive, Richard Mollett, of the Publishers Association, The Telegraph reports.

“Copyright ensures that authors, writers and researchers get rewarded for their talent and expertise, and that the publishers who support them see a return on their investment.”